Easy and Effective Ways to Purify Water

Easy and Effective Ways to Purify Water

10000 deaths and more, the count, it keeps increasing in India because of the water-borne diseases and therefore it is a huge requirement that people can emphasize over the urgency of having a water purifier at homes. The responsible authorities, they are making sure that they can provide the best when it comes to clean and safe water to drink. However, it should be noted that all have some responsibility in regards to the same. There is a requirement for having an electric water purifier at home and workplace to assure safe and clean drinking water.

Some might go with RO filter while some might prefer RO UV water purifier, but no matter where the trust relies upon, a necessity for the filters is there for fulfilling the need for safe drinking water. However, one must know that there are some alternative methods too, which can be tried apart from having an effective water purification system.

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Ways To Purify Water:

  • Water Chlorination:

It is one of the older techniques which is helpful during emergency Times. A mild bleach gets added here, 5% chlorine (approx), to the water. The mixture, as such, it acts as an oxidant. It helps to kill the microorganisms quickly, hence leaving the water for consumption safe.

  • Water Distillation:

It is one of the purification processes in which the condensed water is collected after being evaporated. This ensures contaminant-free water.

Note: It is not as effective as a RO filter. It is time-consuming and also eliminates the minerals.

  • Adding Iodine:

Available in tablet and liquid form, iodine is the red chemical which is very powerful and helps kill the bacteria and virus. It leaves back an unpleasant taste, and it can also be fatal if the solution gets used in high doses. So, if there is a lack of a proper purification system, then only one must prefer to use this method.

  • UV Radiation:

Exposing the water to UV light helps kill the microorganisms. It also helps prevent further breeding. But it is important that the same is coupled with an RO filter to ensure that the UV radiation can work together to remove the heavy metals and other impurities.

  • Solar Purification:

It is one of the alternative means for UV filtration. Using this method involves treating the water with the Sun’s ultraviolet radiation. In here, one can simply fill a plastic bottle, shake it well for activating the oxygen, and then leave the bottle in the sunlight, horizontally. It will ensure to kill the bacteria and the virus and make the water safe for drinking.

  • Boiling:

One of the simplest ways for purifying the water is boiling as the high temperature kills the bacteria and the virus to ensure dissipation. It helps remove the impurities. Even the chemical additions, it ceases to exist in water, but the impurities and the dead microorganisms get settled down on the water bottom, and therefore boiling doesn’t completely eliminate all of the impurities. So one must strain the water using the microporous sieve to ensure to get rid of the impurities.

Final Verdict:

At-home water purifiers are essential, and if the same is UV RO water purifier, it will be the most effective of all of the methods used for purification. With increasing deadly diseases, it has become quite impressive for investing in the water purifier that can help provide clean water for proper consumption. But if in case of water purifier is not available or accessible, the above six methods can be used to ensure clean water, which can help avoid the water-borne illness risk. So, find a suitable choice and keep the family safe.

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