How to know if the water is safe to drink?

How to know if the water is safe to drink

Everyone around has its own fair share of water consumption every day. It looks clean but does one every considers what does it contain? Well, thanks to the rapid industrialization and the increasing urbanization that today, different water sources are getting highly polluted. The water bodies contain some harmful chemicals, including the chloroform, petroleum products, lead, pharmaceuticals and much more. This water, it gets transported to the households, for usages like cooking or drinking or bathing and alike, using the pipe networks and boiling it won’t be sufficient.

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How Can You Know About Water Purity?

Water isn’t free of pollutants as read above and the only means to know whether or not the same is clean and pure is by performing a test. For this, different labs have been set up by the Ministry of Drinking water and Sanitation to ensure that the quality of water all across the country can be safe. One can simply visit the website of the authority ( or the to know the water quality in a particular area. Just remember, the water test is important, and it will help one also select the best water purifier or the filter for the use.

Different Ways To Purify Water:

Another way to ensure the safety and health of the person, apart from the test results, have been discussed below,

Tap Water Filters:

It is one of the simplest filters and performs an important step for ensuring that one can get clean water. All one need is to attach the same to the taps at home, and the filter will ensure to kill all the bacteria and the other microorganisms. It will also ensure the effective filtration of the water too.

Reverse Osmosis- Water Filter Systems:

Well, the tap water filters, they are quite helpful in removing the bacteria and the other big dirt particles from the water. However, the same tends to ignore any of the finer particles like any salts that have been dissolved in the water.

It is because of the RO water filter system that one can easily filter the impurities which are smaller (more than one micron) and dissolved. These impurities might include, fluoride, lead, arsenic and much more and therefore having a RO purification system at home, will help purify the water and ensure the safety of all.

Final Verdict:

Either way, with or without the test, one must ensure to have the water purification system so that health and safety can be assured for all. So, do not wait. Set up a water purification system and stay healthy all the times.

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