Most Expensive Water Bottles in India

Most Expensive Water Bottles

In India, there are a variety of different expensive bottled waters to choose from. This article examines the high-priced bottled waters on the market. But, before we get into the reviews, do we need to spend so much money on mineral water that is so expensive? Some of these costly mineral waters are renowned for containing high-quality natural minerals in high concentrations. Another factor that explains the high price is the availability of rare water sources. 

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Listed here are the top eight most costly water bottles available in India! Given the current condition of India’s water distribution infrastructure, it is understandable why the general population is interested in buying products from luxury water companies in India.

The Following Are The Most Expensive Mineral Water Bottles Available In India:

  1. Beverly Hills 9OH2O

The Beverly Hills 9OH2O water bottle is one of the most luxurious and expensive water bottles ever created. It is priced at INR 65 lakh, but there’s more to it than that. The cap, made of white gold with diamond embossing, justifies the high price. It is made up of 600 white diamonds and 250 black diamonds, in that order. Because of its astronomical cost, the Beverly Hills 9OH2O is the “champagne” of water. To get to the heart of the matter, the water is filled with natural minerals and has specific pH alkalinity, which is beneficial. The water formula was created for a fine-dining experience, and it has a crisp and fresh flavour to complement the experience.


Kona Deep is another high-quality, high-priced bottled water available in India. KONA DEEP obtains its deep ocean water at a depth of 3,000 feet below the ocean’s surface, thereby living up to its name. It is derived from Kona, Hawaii, and has a unique mix of ocean minerals and electrolytes that are not found anywhere else. Some of the most significant advantages of drinking KONA DEEP include being twice as hydrating as spring water. 

The only treatment that the water receives is desalination, which removes the salt from the water. Even though it retails for INR 27,000, we believe the price is reasonable considering how it is harvested and subsequently processed. An excellent option for its refreshing and electrolyte-rich aqua, this premium water brand is a fantastic choice.

  1. The Voss Artesian 

Voss Artesian mineral water comes in at number three on our list of the costliest mineral waters. The VOSS Artesian water is bottled in Norway’s beautiful southernmost region. It is obtained from an underground aquifer situated deep under the surface of the Earth’s surface. This crystal-clear aqua is often served in some of the world’s most exclusive restaurants and bars. 

Voss has become one of India’s premium water brands because it is naturally filtered and pollutant-free in its composition. INR 6,600 for 12 800-ml bottles is excellent value for money considering the high quality. The delicate and delectable flavour of Voss is what makes it so extraordinary. There are reusable glass bottles, which makes the drinking experience that much more pleasurable.

  1. Aava 

Alkaline water is the most acceptable kind of water to neutralize bodily acid. Aava is an excellent option for natural alkaline mineral water with a pH of 8 and enriched minerals like calcium and magnesium. Aava is worth the premium price because of its superb flavour and natural filtering. This unique water comes from the Aravalli Mountain Range, the highlands of Taranga. The water passes through layers of clay and alluvia, enhancing it with essential nutrients. The Aava Alkaline water is the ideal tone for heartburn and acidity. In addition, your brain, heart, and bones have a better option.

  1. Voss Tangerine Lemongrass 

Sparkling water is an excellent alternative to drinks. Carbon dioxide injects the water to give it the “sparkling” look. If you are looking for refreshing water that is better than regular soda, you must try it! The effervescent Voss water comes in a non-sugar, non-calorie flavour of the Tangerine Lemongrass.

  1. Evian 

The advantages of natural spring water are enormous. Minerals and electrolytes are composed to give them a smooth and mild flavour. Evian starts with mountain rain and snowflakes and then travels approximately 15 years over glacier boulders. The neutral pH of this procedure is 7.2, along with pure and mineral content. Evian offers in every natural drink hydration and the pure flavour of the French Alps. Evian is a popular option for many Indian celebrities searching for clean, natural spring water despite its high price.

  1. Himalayan Tata

The Himalayan Tata is the one! The water comes from nature’s arms and makes it clean and pleasant. This premium water brand is made of a pure, subterranean watercraft. The water is collected 400 feet below the surface at the foot of the Shivalik mountain in the Himalayas. This new water tank is one of the cleanest sources that perennially provides 100% pure natural mineral water.

Null human activity exists; thus, the catchment region is devoid of contamination. Every drop travel through rock, sand, and silt layers. These layers are natural filters that keep the water clean from germs. It also collects vital minerals and has a distinct flavour that makes them suitable for a good eating experience. Although prices are somewhat high, Tata Himalayan is strongly recommended for the advantages it provides.

  1. Evocus 

Evokes black alkaline water is very recommended. Superior hydration, decreased acidity, and increased alertness is well recognized. Furthermore, owing to its alkaline pH, Evocus increases metabolism and improves anti-ageing. My favourite part is zero sugar, zero calories, zero carbs, zero caffeine, and zero tastes. It’s a healthy option, particularly if you want to enhance the health of your skin and increase your intake of minerals. Although it is a little expensive, Evocus provides a bang for the buck, given its many advantages.


The costly bottled water is loaded with essential minerals and electrolytes that energetically and enhance health. Priced at more than 6,000 INR, Voss Artesian Still Water is the cheapest option among India’s most expensive mineral water bottles. It is also one of the most popular restaurant and lounge brands. The Beverly Hills 9OH2O is another famous luxury brand. It provides a smooth palate and a bland flavour that is ideal for gourmet meals. If you want to satisfy your thirst and don’t care about paying the premium price, you must check out these products.

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