In the early years when Bitcoin appeared, the developer revealed this as a decentralized anonymous asset that has no inflation risks. People around the world very much liked the last factor. The fact is that users needed a financial tool that no one could track. However, it later happened that some attackers could still follow the sender and recipient of Bitcoins if they used some tools.

The fact is that the holder of a Bitcoin wallet leaves marks in the real world when it:

  • buys cryptocurrency for real money to send it to someone;
  • withdraws Bitcoin into one of the fiat currencies to spend real money.

In both cases, the binding of a particular person to a specific BTC wallet is formed. Generally, any financial organization requires its users to be verified, such bank and an electronic payment system. It thus compels them to disclose their confidential data such as name, surname, and address.

As a result, Bitcoin was far from as anonymous as many users initially thought. But intelligent developers found a solution to this problem. Some platforms like have become the optimal tools. They are called Bitcoin mixers.


Anonymous asset for regular users

There are a lot of examples, but we would like to name just a few of the most important:

  1. Often, users want to make an anonymous donation so that no one knows about it ever. If the user does not use such mixers, theoretically, it is possible to trace the transaction to a particular Bitcoin wallet connected with the natural person. The fact is that this person has to comply with the requirements of AML and KYC policies, which are adhered to by financial institutions.
  2. It is no secret that crypto exchanges and exchangers often become targets of hacker attacks that steal not only assets but also users’ private information. As a result, this information often falls into the hands of criminal networks that track balances on specific crypto wallets. As soon as enough material value has accumulated, unexpected visitors can come to this man. In addition, you should remember that unscrupulous crypt exchangers sell information about users often.
  3. Some organizations need to pay for the services of individuals without compromising confidentiality. For example, any printed newspaper or Internet portal may similarly pay anonymous insiders for their assistance. In this case, the person’s identity should not be revealed by tracking until the BTC is converted into national currency.

We could add to this list, but you probably already understood the essence of this issue.

The importance of BTC mixers and their operation principle

Bitcoin mixer is an Internet platform or website. It would help if you understood how the Bitcoin blockchain functions to understand why it exists. It is pretty public. That is, anyone can learn some factors that know your BTC wallet number. Among these factors are:

  • amount of money;
  • the sender of your Bitcoins;
  • recipients of your Bitcoins.

You probably weren’t pleased when you found out about it. However, this is the essence of any blockchain. You can easily track any transaction there. Moreover, interested persons can identify the holder of a particular BTC wallet. Naturally, you will want to avoid this. So, mixers will help you.

The user who plans to stay anonymous will not transfer Bitcoin to another holder’s wallet. First, they will send it to a unique mixer, which mixes the received coins with the other ones. Also, it can split a large amount of money into many small transactions and uses a deferred shipping method to prevent tracking of your marketing over time.

This is why Bitcoin mixer mixes all marks in the blockchain. In this way, Bitcoin holders get the anonymity they originally dreamed of.